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Skyspace Trifolium Luminous Canopy Ngarunga Nangama
Tidal for VIVID One Central Park, Sydney Heliostat - 'Sea Mirror' Kuuki Acacia Light Wall KAUST Breakwater Beacon
Webb Bridge James Turrell A Retrospective Wintergarden Facade Digital Origami Tigers
Between Fine Lines VIVID Sydney University of Technology Sydney - Building 2 Atrium Space Cloud of Bats for VIVID 2010 Observatory Hill The Rocks Lightwave
Web of Light for VIVID Sydney Chair Chandelier for Saturday Indesign 2011 Melbourne Airport T2 International Departures Cumulus for VIVID Sydney
Leo Villareal Flying Star Paddington Reservoir Gardens Fat Noodle Restaurant Victoria Square Adelaide Christmas Tree
Jonathan Jones & Jamie Perrow Water Wall Adelaide Entertainment Centre AECOM Workspace 420 George Street Sydney Artist Nike Savvas Colours are the Country
InterfaceFLOR, Saturday InDesign Brisbane City Hall Dome House of the Future 55 Elizabeth Street Brisbane Night Watch