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For over 35 years, Litelab have worked with world-renowned lighting consultants and architects, developing lighting solutions for museums, retail and corporate projects at home and abroad.

Xenian Litelab
BusPort System
A retractable platform that provides mounting support, power, and connections for audio, video, wireless internet, and lighting equipment.
Xenian Litelab
LED Surface Fixtures
All Litelab LED luminaires are museum-quality, and are ideal for museums, galleries, high-end residential, retail, corporate and other applications.
Xenian Litelab
Recessed Slots
Litelab DownLights, B-Line Multiples and Recessed Linear Slots offer a clean integrated recessed architectural solution for gypsum, wood, stone, marble, acoustical panel and a variety of other ceiling conditions.
Xenian Litelab
Ideal for architectural lighting designs that require a combination of fluorescent and task lighting.
Xenian Litelab
20amp Track
Consider multi-circuit Spec-Track or single-circuit Basic Track for small lighting-only projects with short runs.