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MADRIX offers high-quality products for lighting control. Simply combine software and hardware as needed, use individually, or combine flexibly with other tools.

Xenian Madrix
Madrix Software
The MADRIX Software is the ultimate control tool for dynamic LED lighting. Use pixel mapping at its best in 2D or 3D.
Xenian Madrix
Madrix Luna
MADRIX LUNA is an easy-to-use and reliable Art-Net node.
Xenian Madrix
Madrix Nebula
MADRIX NEBULA is a flexible LED pixel tape driver to directly control a wide range of digital LEDs.
Xenian Madrix
Madrix Stella
The MADRIX STELLA is a dedicated control interface for DMX512 and Art-Net or Streaming ACN that is designed for high quality and practicability in permanent LED installations.
Xenian Madrix
Madrix Plexus
The MADRIX PLEXUS controls 2 universes via DMX512 or Art-Net as a versatile stand-alone interface.
Xenian Madrix
Madrix USB One
MADRIX USB ONE is one of the smallest USB interfaces for DMX output or input.
Xenian Madrix
Madrix Orion
The MADRIX ORION is specifically designed as a general-purpose input device for remote control, system monitoring and interactivity.
Xenian Madrix
Madrix I/O
MADRIX I/O products are supplementary in and output devices allowing automation via temperature, ambient light and proximity sensors.