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Our versatile Moonlight globes are of moulded polyethylene, extremely impact resistant and robust. They withstand temps of -40°Cto+80°C. The positive impression is topped off with additional features such as UV stability, longevity and watertightness.

Xenian Big Balls
Light & Screw-Fastening Base
Floor or wall light for screw-fastening
Xenian Big Balls
Pendular light
Pendular lights are available with up to three energy-saving lamps as well as an electronic ballast. The standard Kevlar-reinforced cable has a minimum breaking load of approx. 2700 kN. Optionally available with integrated steel rope.
Xenian Big Balls
Suspended Light
There is virtually no limit to the application of suspended lights, and they are ideally suited to modern architecture.
Xenian Big Balls
Floating Light
Floating lights illuminate ponds, pools, lakes or seawater. They come with a 12V IP65 power supply unit. The standard cable length is 10 or 20 m; special lengths are optionally available. Anchoring ropes included.
Xenian Big Balls
Column Light
Column Lights are ideally suited to parks, town centres, company premises and private gardens.